Monday, June 30, 2008

It's a Hay Day!

It's a beautiful 75 degree day and Isaac is starting to cut hay. We're a little slow this year because of the cool spring and just plain being too busy! I just love seeing the rows of fresh hay cut. It smells so good! The guys love this time of year and are enjoying having a few cousins around this week to share the work load.

Miriam and I went to town this morning so she could use a couple of gift certificates she received for her birthday. We enjoyed leisurely shopping around and drove down to the point to check out the lake. Somehow a person never gets tired of just staring at the lake, at least I don't. I'm sure those days when my dad took my sisters and I fishing as girls instilled a love for the lake in all of us. Whenever the lake was agreeable he'd take us all out. When it wasn't agreeable and the waves were high, he'd go anyway and just leave us home! There's nothing as good as fresh walleye rolled in eggs and crushed cornflakes and fried in butter. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to thank God for the gorgeous weather!

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