Friday, June 27, 2008

VBS 2008

VBS is all done for this year! Priscilla got third place in the Bible memory contest by saying 63 extra verses. We had a total of 78 children which although it wasn't as much as we would like to have had, was a nice manageable size. We always finish the week by having a short program for the parents to show what the kids have learned. After spending all week with these children I never get through the program without a few tears. Maybe it's just the emotional release of all the months of hard work to get to that point. Maybe it's knowing that some of these children won't ever walk in the church doors again and so our window of opportunity to influence them for God is over. Maybe it's seeing the mistakes that we made in planning and wishing we'd done a few things differently. Maybe it's the thrill of knowing some of these children will be in heaven because of what happened this week. All I know is that the program is kinda an emotional thing with me. I'm glad to be home, we all are, and while I unpacked all the "stuff" that came home with us that rest of the family went to weed petunias. What's next? Well, usually right after VBS I start working on school for the fall but this year we have some company coming up for the 4th of July weekend so I think we better weed the garden while we can still see the rows and do some cleaning. Have a great evening!!

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