Monday, June 16, 2008

Just Look at Those Fangs!

I gave Silas my camera today to get a picture of the vets testing our cows for TB and when he came in the camera had all kinds of dog, cat, and chicken pictures on it and none of the vet. Oh well! I guess he was too busy helping with the cows. We all liked this one of Taffy. While we hate to complain of the weather, it is so nice to see the sun and heat at last! God is so good! It has also been a hard day. We've been really busy and going to bed sounds really nice right now. Naomi went to Rugby, North Dakota to teach 5-Day Clubs this week. Hosanna went to Langdon, North Dakota to teach clubs as well and is staying at the ND Krahns. We can't find any relation in family tree books to them but they're Krahns so our kids consider them like cousins, and they seem a lot like us as well. They farm so Hosanna should feel at home. Amos and Rebekah got sent to Grand Forks to teach clubs and Isaac and Miriam are teaching one here and a couple in Roseau.

Priscilla has a cold and in the memoirs that I've been typing (actually I finished today by binding them) the lady told about how when she was a girl they made onion candy for sore throats. You cut up and onion, add one cup sugar and boil it till they sugar is absorbed and the onions hard. Well Priscilla wanted to try it so she made half a "batch". It's kinda strange having an onion taste that's sweet. I wonder what mother came up with that remedy!! Well, have a great evening and don't go to bed without giving God a long list of things you're thankful for!!!

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