Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This morning Arthur took Silas and Priscilla and a few cousins and friends to weed the petunias and around the buildings in town. The warm weather has been very good for not only flowers but my garden as well. Things are finally starting to poke up. While they were gone and the house was quiet I shampooed the living room carpet. We're expecting some company over the weekend with a baby who crawls. While the carpet seems okay for us, the thought of having a baby crawl on it wasn't pleasant so it got cleaned. I was thinking while I was doing that and some other cleaning how much we go through to have company. By the way, I love having company! However, we all feel a need to clean when we know someone is coming over for a few days and that kind of cleaning is often more work than our normal cleaning. Anyway, It made me wonder if I work as hard at preparing for the Lord's return. Do I witness like I should? Do I prepare myself by cleaning my own life? Arthur's been doing Sunday afternoon messages at church on prophecy so we've been thinking and talking a lot along those lines. It gets me excited about the Lord's returning! Have a great day in the Lord!!

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  1. Hi Mom! Just thought I'd check and see what you guys have been up too:) Have a great day!


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