Tuesday, June 24, 2008

VBS - Day 2

Another long but rewarding day!

  • 64 children were at VBS - not a record but a managable group.
  • Lots of verses were said - every single one said their daily verse!
  • Several children have made salvation decisions.
  • No one got hurt.
  • One young boy gave his points to his sister to help her - almost unheard of but we loved it!
  • Some excellent lessons were presented - Amos is getting ready to do a spot on Jacob in the photo.
  • We've had more men help than most years which is so encouraging. We try to have the church men or older guy leaders do all the Bible teaching.
  • It's enjoyable seeing a few of the more "unloved" children respond to the attentions of the workers.
  • Miriam would like her team to win one day and so if you want to come she'd love to get points for having invited you - you can even be on her team!!
  • All of our dairy cows passed their TB test!! More on that later.
  • Keep praying for our week! There are still unsaved children we would love to see make salvation decisions. Time on earth is so short and those that don't make that critical decision when their young often never do.

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