Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

I don't know about you but our day has been really busy! Rebekah's family is staying at our house for a few days so we got up and had a delicious blueberry pancake breakfast Hosanna and Priscilla made. We got Naomi's float ready for the parade and then went to a picnic lunch with the Krahn relatives. That was the easy part of the day. The guys went into full swing with baling hay today and with all the extra people around everyone was kept busy. We all stopped for the parade - which Naomi thought was really embarrassing! She did a fine job acting the role of princess and everyone loved the calf. Then baling resumed. Altogether they made about 1,800 square bales, most of which were stacked in a hay shed by all the busy workers. They also baled about 200 large round hay bales. For any farmer that's an exceptional day. It's quiet now as most everyone went to the fireworks except Naomi, who needed a shower after helping with barn chores, and Isaac, Arthur, and Miriam who just got off the field. No, we don't do field work on Sunday but if it's nice on the 4th of July, we will do hay! Tomorrow will be another busy hay day. So I hope you've all had a wonderful day celebrating how God has blessed America!

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  1. Tracy has a picture she wants to post too.

    I saw you were featured on Wiktel, Camille!!!


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