Monday, July 7, 2008

It Was a Great Weekend!

4th of July didn't stop the guys from doing hay. Here Rebekah's little brother is raking the hay. After its cut and dried, they rake two rows together.
Priscilla and a couple of her cousins took advantage of the great weather and went for a swim in our blue pool.
One thing we always do over the 4th is have a shooting match. Everyone gets their turn shooting at targets with a .22. Isaac is just using the scope on this gun so he can see the targets better and let people know if they shot high, left, right, or whatever.

This morning Rebekah's family and our good friends left to go back to Illinois. Their son is staying a few extra days because he just loves the farm and spending time with Silas. We enjoy spending time with the McCanne family and are looking forward to them coming back up after the baby is born in late September. If you think of it today, pray for a safe trip home for them. This morning Naomi leaves to spend the week teaching clubs in North Dakota. Hosanna is teaching around here and Miriam and Isaac have the week off. I'm glad because there's still lots of weeding in the garden to do!! Have a great day!

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