Thursday, July 31, 2008

Busy Day

Arthur and Silas are busy today raking and baling hay. It's hard to find a couple of nice sunny days in a row but it looks like a good weekend for field work. Arthur also has a neighbor boy working on cleaning in the barn.

I did get Silas' help this morning to pick raspberries. We froze most of them. It seems like when you pick raspberries and you see a really nice big one that you have to stretch to pick, you drop it! So frustrating! It made me think about how God must get frustrated when we "drop the ball" in areas of our life. Did you know our dogs like raspberries!!

I've been puttying up nail holes and cracks in the living room wall. During the flood of '02 our house got lots of water in the basement (it's a dirt basement)and the center of our house "shifted" a little bit cracking the stucco of the chimney in our living room. We don't use that chimney so it hasn't been a problem but I didn't want to paint and leave the cracks. This house is going on 100 years old and so the walls aren't in that great of shape but I'll do my best to make it look good! A couple of the cracks are really big so I think it'll take a couple of days and a few coats of putty to make it look good. The walls are a random stucco texture so the putty will fit right in without a lot of fancy work.

I can't wait for the kids to get home!! They should be here tomorrow late afternoon. I need to get back to work so have a great day!

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