Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Books, Books, and More Books

One thing I do for church is purchase books for the church library. The deacons have established some really high standards so you won't find any of the "really" popular christian fiction of the day unless it's really really good. Every three months or so I put out a display of the new books purchased from here and there and with input from a lot of people we've come up with lots of really great material.

This last week we did a new book table and after the awful (just kidding, it's more like the wonderful!) job of "censoring" the books I had to admit that the Bob and Arty books by Jeff Barth were really, really good. If you know a boy, or girl, between 10-15 and younger and older that needs really good reading material you need to recommend these books. There's five in the series and they're about Bob and Arty who are two young guys, 18 and 20, who fly around the world, often with their family, helping out missionaries. They have all kinds of adventures that are very clean, as in the kids aren't brats that know more than their parents, and the adventures are exciting too. You won't find any boyfriend / girlfriend stuff and kids doing things without their parents approval.

The books can be purchased at Grace and Truth Publications. There's a link to it in "Our Favorites" column. I know a lot of you are always looking out for good books so I'll try to fill you in when we find some. The books are not only really clean they're really good on soul-winning, and the family in the books has really high standards.

I got one of our school orders so today I took advantage of the silence, as the paint cans sit in the kitchen, and worked on lesson planners. Silas is skeptical about some of the things I got but I think they look great. The Apologia Exploring Creation With Zoology is fantastic!! I highly recommend them for kids 3-8th grade or so. I kept having to stop and read things because the whole book was interesting and had great pictures. I also really love the US History and Geography by Landmark that I'm using for Priscilla. I wish I had found these things years ago!!

Well have a great evening!

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