Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy 92nd Birthday, Grandma!

I went to Winnipeg with my parents today to celebrate Grandma Giesbrecht's 92nd birthday. All of my uncles were there and a couple of cousins plus some spouses and fiances. I had a really good time! My grandma is pretty much blind and has a really bad memory. She did remember me though and that I was married to Arthur and had a lot of children. While seeing things and forgetting things is a problem, she has not forgotten her walk with God and still has a heart full of praise to God and loves to sing hymns and pray.

Having one cousin who just got married and another engaged I enjoyed visiting with them about children. They think we're a little strange to say the least but hopefully they went away knowing children aren't all that bad. They're anxious to meet Rebekah and see how she's handling the thought of being a mother. These cousins are quite a bit younger than me and it was fun to finally be able to visit with them like cousins and not like Aunt to nieces.

Naomi, Amos and Rebekah, Isaac, Miriam, Hosanna, and Priscilla all left for camp today either to be a counsellor or staff worker or in Priscilla's case a camper. It's going to be a really quiet week with just Silas, Dad and I home. When the kids go away for a week I always try to do some big project. I'm thinking about painting our living room. Anyone want to help? Just kidding! I'll see how I feel about it tomorrow. Maybe I'll just paint the hall stairs. Or maybe I'll paint the kitchen. Maybe our bedroom. Maybe I'll dye my hair. Wouldn't that surprise the kids!!

Isaac had a great week at Camp Bemahdezewin. Don't ask me what that means! It's a boys only camp on an Indian Reservation up in Ontario. He had guys 12-18 in his cabin and he said they were really good. A few got saved so that was great! Overall, he felt it was almost like a vacation especially since he got to do lots of fishing for bass and northerns. The boys had questions for Isaac on all kinds of topics and he enjoyed the challege.

Have a great evening serving the Lord!

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