Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Busy Days

Yesterday I decided that yes, I would paint the living room. I went to town and poured over the paint samples for the longest time and settled on a "buttercream" type color. I just bought a sample because I'm a little leary about painting the living room. It's been white for the seventeen years we've lived in this house and I really do like the white but it seems no one else does. Anyway, I went home, painted part of the wall with the sample, and I'm still not sure! I like it but it's a little too yellow, I think.

Anyway, last night while staring at the wall I decided to do some baking, which I never do. (The girls enjoy it way more than I do so I let them do the baking.) I went out and picked the raspberries of which there weren't too many even though it took a long time to pick them. I found a raspberry muffin recipe and added cream cheese and coconut to it and they were fantastic!

This morning I woke up bright and early and got ready to go to town and buy some more paint in a little creamier shade. Arthur came in from chores (milking the cows) about 8 o'clock and asked if I'd like to go to Grand Forks. It was not a hard decision. Painting can wait for another day. We went to Grand Forks and had a great time. I bought school notebooks (for all the writing their going to do this year!),pens, typing paper, etc. Of course we hit Sam's Club and I stocked up on cheese. nacho chips, etc.

I'm tired so I think I'll "sign off" for today. Have a great evening!

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