Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heritage Garden

I call this my "Heritage Garden". The Maltese Cross flowers are from my Grandpa Giesbrecht. Some of the iris' and red shamrocks come from my Great Grandma Ortmann. Both of my mothers have shared flowers with me and a few friends. I especially treasure the iris'. My sister and I took a family history trip a number of years ago to South Dakota. We went to my Great Granparents homestead that was just an empty house and the yard was very overgrown. We enjoyed looking around and got permission to dig up any flowers we found. And yes, we did find some. Someday I hope to give bulbs and plants to my children so they can keep their own heritage garden. Somehow the flowers don't look as good this year as some years but that's okay.

Arthur and a couple of guys he had working for him today took a few hours and weeded through my raspberry patch. This was no small job as the grass was higher than the raspberries. There were bees and lots of burning nettles. It looks so much better! Thanks a lot, guys!! I weeded other parts of the garden while they were doing that. When I came in for a break I thought I'd add a flower picture here and forget the garden weeds for awhile! I think I'll go make a pitcher of iced tea. Have a great day in the Lord!

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