Friday, July 11, 2008

Late Afternoon Storm

This afternoon Priscilla and a cousin were playing in the pool. I was on the phone with Shelly, Rebekah's mom, when she informed me we were under a tornado watch. Hmm. Pretty bad when someone in Illinois has to warn us about the weather! Shelly and I both love "weather watching" so I was glad she gave us a warning. No, we didn't have a tornado but I did get the girls out of the pool a few minutes sooner than I was planning on. Anyway, very shortly the storm hit as I'm sure it did for many of you reading this. Arthur was out fencing but managed to get in as the first raindrop started falling. Priscilla dished us up the rest of the ice cream I had and so we ate ice cream while watching the weather. (She wanted to make sure it was gone before her brother and sisters showed up later this evening!)

This is one of our large boxelder tree branches that fell on the garage in the strong wind. The trees on our property are about 90 years old as close as we can figure and it seems each bad storm takes one or two down. There was one other one behind the house it took down as well. The branches and leaves kinda cushioned it's fall and so it didn't hurt the garage. The largest branch on this same tree came down on Arthur's boat during the flood of '02.

The picture doesn't do the clouds justice. They were so big, dark, and awesome. When I look at clouds like that I can't help but think that someday the Lord is going to return in the clouds and I get all excited. Anyway, we had lots of rain and lots of branches all over the yard that will need to get cleaned up. Once again we got to see the power of God in an exciting way. Isaac, Miriam and Naomi come home tonight so we're all looking forward to having everyone around for the weekend.

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  1. Mike's dad from the middle of the state has informed us in the past of our weather. I always find that amusing. :)


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