Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just a Pleasant Day!

Today is one of those pleasant summer days. First thing this morning the guy who works on our computer came over to do a few things to it. (still from the computer crash we had a couple of months ago) I lost a couple of important files so I'll have to redo some work I'd already done. While he was working on that, and the kids were all quietly occupying themselves, I finished a book I was reading for the church library. Kind of a "censorship" type reading. It was enjoyable reading.

This afternoon Arthur, Naomi, Miriam, Hosanna, and Silas went to the fair. Arthur worked at the Republican booth for a couple of hours and the others were working at our church tent. Rebekah is doing some "face" painting on a little girls hand and Naomi is telling the wordless book. The white page stands for how we can be washed "white as snow" if we ask Jesus to be our Savior. The paint colors they use are also the wordless book colors so they often talk about the colors as they paint.

Priscilla and I were the only ones left around so I finished up some "Memoir" books I was making for a lady (this is the 2nd printing). I used five ink cartridges and 2,000 sheets of paper! I think I have the "book" memorized!! Then Priscilla talked me into going into our pool with her. It's not huge but it sure did feel good and we spent a couple of leisurely hours laying on innertubes and swimmin' around. I was pretty wet when I got out (of course) so I took a walk through the garden. There's a few ripe raspberries that taste so good! It's time to pick some more zucchini and the peas are almost ready. Overall, it looks really good with the exception of the weeds. Oh, a friend also popped over for a short visit this afternoon. I know she'll read this so I wanted to make sure I mentioned her :)

Now that Arthur and Silas are home and done milking the cows, they're taking their turn in the pool. Silas loves it when dad wrestles in the pool with him. Arthur is such a good dad!

I'm so glad God gives us "down" days once in awhile to catch up! If you think of it, pray for Isaac that the rest of the week will go good, that he'll see fruit for his labor, and of course that he'd get home safely. Have a great evening!!

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  1. Your pool looked very inviting even though we were heading to the pool in town! :) Is there a lot of up-keep with the pool? Does it have a filter and such? Do you add any chemicals or bleach or something?


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