Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Juneberry Picking

The girls went out for about twenty minutes this morning and picked a few juneberries growing along our fence line. For those not from the area, they're kind of like blueberries only they grow on trees and maybe aren't quite as sweet. Once thier frozen though you can't hardly tell the difference. We like them just as well and they're a little easier to get. The blueberries should be ready any time though.

The county fair is in full swing and our church has a Gospel Tent. Children are invited in to hear the wordless book story and then they can have their face painted or get a balloon animal. Naomi, Amos and Rebekah, Hosanna, and Priscilla went down yesterday and will probably be there most of the week. If your there be sure to stop by and say hi!!

Have a great day!

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