Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Last Club Reports

Today Dad and Grandpa are replacing the knives (I think that's what they're called) on the haybine. Hopefully we'll have nice whether this week to put up some hay.

On Friday we finished our last week of clubs for the summer - Amos and Rebekah were teaching around here, Hosanna was teaching south of Grand Forks, and I (Naomi) was teaching in Grand Forks and Manvel. Amos and Rebekah were able to lead a couple children to Christ - one of their clubs was in a trailor park and the kids absolutely loved having something to do! The clubs I taught were fairly small, but we had one at the home of some Christian Jews and we really enjoyed visiting with them. Hosanna and her coworker had 4 decisions and she got to pick rasperries - ours won't be ready for another week!

On Saturday we had a "Good News Tent" in Halsted, MN. Just one problem - rain. We practically had a river running under our tent! Oh well - it wasn't a waste of time. A girl got saved and it was a good practice run for the tent we'll be working at during our county fair this week.

I thought I'd try to share a few of the humorous things kids have said in our clubs this summer. Some of them might not be funny unless you've taught a club...

I think I live in North Dakota. (he did)

What happened to the real cross? (random question)

Me: What did the priest do when he saw the hurt man? boy: he killed him (after the story of the Good Samaritan)

Why are you talking so much? (question during the missionary story)

Are you twins? (question to my cousin and I - we're 7 years apart)

Are you sad that the dog left? (random question during the Bible lesson)

Please help us to get lots of good money for the missionaries. (boy praying)

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  1. Hi! We are friends of Bob and Pam and family. They gave us your blog link and it has been such a pleasure to get to know your dear family this way.


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