Sunday, July 13, 2008

Random News

Hi! You'll notice that this post is missing a picture - you see, our camera sort of got dropped and, well, it isn't working. For a blog, that's somewhat of a disaster! Don't worry though - we'll figure out something.

Miriam, Isaac, and I (Naomi) all got home from teaching clubs on Friday night - we stayed up pretty late talking and catching up with each other. You wouldn't believe all the funny things that happen in clubs - and the exciting things - I think 10 children in our clubs got saved this week!

Today, instead of having a noon meal at church, most people brought a sack lunch and we all went down to the park in Warroad and ate there. The kids had a great time on the playground and we also had a short service and birthday cake. It was still pretty windy out - hopefully it'll dry out the fields so the guys can bale hay this week.

Hosanna and I and a couple others are leaving early, early tomorrow morning to go teach clubs near Park River and Grand Forks, ND. (I know you're getting tired of hearing about clubs - this is probably the last week and then maybe we'll think about something else) Amos and Rebekah will be teaching around here, so remember to pray for all of us -

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