Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blueberry Pie Filling - Mmmm - Housebuilding

I just couldn't help posting this picture! The kids picked a couple more gallons of blueberries today so I went to work making pie filling. The minute I'm done putting jars in the canner everyone begins to lick the spoons and pot. I would guess this picture will get deleted by either Naomi or Miriam!!
< Rebekah's Grandpa had a good time today helping Amos finish siding the house. Amos' cousin Benjamin and a guy from our church also came out to help. They had worked on it a while back but got some scaffolding this week which made the work go so much smoother. Now they're working on painting the roof trim.

It's been fun seeing Amos and Rebekah build their house. Their goal is to build it debt free and they've worked really hard to find good deals and spent lots of time praying over each item they needed. Amos has done most of the work himself with some church men and family to help. He did the basement,(other than having the cement delivered), he's done the wiring, drywall, taping, plumbing, framing, basically everything including putting on the roof. I know he couldn't have done it without a lot of help from friends and family though and so thank you very much those of you that helped!! It's been a lot of work however and once in a while when Isaac mentions that he should start building a house and we all groan!! Really though, we're excited about someday helping Isaac do the same if he should choose to build a house.
Here's what the finished jars of blueberry pie filling look like. No, we really don't use it for pies, we mainly use it as pancake or ice cream topping.


  1. Mmm looks yummy! I'd be snitchin' right next to the rest of them if I were there :). Wish we had blueberries around here.

    And Rebekah is looking a mite bit bigger, too ;)!

  2. Naomi was shocked when she saw that picture but Miriam was mortified! Rebekah has about 40 days left if a due date means anything!

  3. haha! Anyone stealing blueberry filling deserves a li'l reproof, wouldn't you say?

    Keep us updated on Rebekah's birth! So excited for her :) .


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