Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Food and Politics

With the guys fishing twice this week we had to have a fish fry and it was really good thanks to all the help I had in the kitchen! We've really enjoyed having Rebekah's grandparents here and have had some great fellowship around the dinner table.

As I'm sure many of you are doing today we had to take time to discuss McCains choice for running mate. We researched Governor Palin and decided she was probably pretty good. It's hard to see how you could be a governor let alone a V.P. with five children but it looks like she's doing a great job as both. I think she's thrown a really interesting twist in the election and it should be fun to follow. Being from Minnesota we were really hoping our governor Pawlenty would've been the choice. We know him and know what a great and conservative job he's done so I guess we feel "safe" with him. Huckabee would've been a good choice too but hey, where else in the world can you have such interesting elections! For those sick of it all already this should give it a new slant. McCain really isn't our #1 choice for a republican candidate for president either but we'll see.

What it all comes down to is that God controls the elections results. We need to do our part and promote good candidates and vote for good candidates and take lots of time to pray that God would have mercy on our country. We really don't deserve a good candidate as a nation. It's a real comfort to know that whether we have a good president or a bad one, God is in control!

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