Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cleaning, Company, and Fresh Peaches!

Knowing we were having a few visitors today, I encouraged the boys to clean their room. I couldn't help but notice the door decorations Isaac nailed up. It's his collection of furs from animals he's trapped and tanned over the years. Someday I'll have him tell you about them.
Someone asked for a picture of my new window so here it is. I'm waiting for Arthur to have another rainy day to put on the trim because he's just too busy with the fall work. Anyway, it's not huge but it's a lot bigger than what we had before. You can also see the new carpet and the new couch Arthur encouraged me to buy.

Our "company" is really family. My sister and her family are up here for the weekend and so they dropped in today and Rebekah's grandparents from Illinois are up here for the week and they stopped by as well. They brought fresh peaches picked off an orchard near them. They are so good!! Nothing like the ones we get up here after being picked really green somewhere south of here. They also brought us some fresh tomatoes. Yum, you can never have enough tomato sandwiches on toast.

Tomorrow we're all getting together with my mom's family at my parents house. Some of them are from up at Winnipeg so that is always fun. My dad has lots of trails in the woods and the kids like to go 4-wheeling down them. They also had a big huge barn the kids loved to explore, and for Silas to collect jars from, but it blew down during a strong wind this summer.

Today it hasn't gotten warmer than 57 degrees or so. I love it cool but it sure feels like fall is around the corner. It actually got down into the 40's last night. But God is gracious and is sending us another nice week of warm weather coming up.

In case you're thinking about skipping church tomorrow, we heard a great message on "What you miss when you miss". It seems like a person always misses what they need the most. Have a great weekend serving the Lord!

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