Monday, August 25, 2008

Family Picnic

The cousins and a few uncles had a fun time yesterday playing soccer. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed visiting and visiting.
I think all the kids enjoyed riding Grandpa's Polaris 4-wheeler. His trails in the woods are so fun to drive around and he even put a sign up naming the small pond, "Evelyn's Lake". We all thought that was too funny.
Of course you can't have a family picnic without lots of food and it was so good!

Yesterday in church we had a special speaker that spoke on compassion. It was very convicting. Earlier Sunday morning I had been laying awake thinking about how we needed to be more compassionate as a family so I guess God thought we needed a message on it.

We woke up this morning to a cool 44 degrees. At International Falls it was a cool 33 degrees. Unusual for this time of year! Isaac and Silas are taking Rebekah's grandpa out for a day of fishing while Arthur keeps plugging away on the hay. I think I might make up a few jars of peach pie filling with the delicious peaches they brought along so we can enjoy them later this winter. Have a great day!

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