Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fishing - A Hard Job But Someone Has to Do It!

Isaac, Silas, and Priscilla enjoyed taking Grandpa Chub, Rebekah's Grandpa fishing. They were very successful and all came home with nice sunburns! Some of those walleyes are really nice sized and one had to be thrown back because it was in the slot limit. Minnesota has a slot limit in an effort to grow trophy fish. Sometime this week we're going to have to have a fish fry.
Here there are holding up the big ones! Other than walleye they got a few saugers and a couple of perch. When you look at a fish close up you can't help but marvel at God's design and the details he included to assure a fish can survive. At least so they can survive until our guys go out on the lake! I think they'll probably go again and bring Arthur and Amos along.

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