Sunday, August 10, 2008

Life in Warroad

Hi from Naomi - I like to say that Warroad is the best place in the world to live - maybe not, but it's up there. We have a few friends that would like to move to Warroad, and last week we had a total stranger call us and was wondering if we would check for a place where he could farm! So our family came up with a list of some of the pros and cons of living here - We didn't always agree on which ones were which, so we'll let you decide -

No curvy, or hilly roads (that's a big one for me - I hate driving over hills!)
Icy roads in the winter
Skating is free all winter long
No poisonous snakes or spiders or bugs
Great hunting
Great fishing
Lots of forest land and water to enjoy - camping, boating, tubing, swimming, hiking, ect.
It's so cold in the winter that people are healthier (the germs just can't survive)
5 to 6 months of winter (it never freezes in July, normally June and August are warm too)- Hey, cold is relative
Mosquitos, mosquitos, more mosquitos - and they're big too!
There's a lot of homeschoolers
No one thinks you're odd if you have more than 2 kids
There's a lot of churches (of course, ours is the best!)
No traffic jams
You can pretty much always get a close parking spot (without paying)
It's a beautiful small town (with all those nice petunias along the highway)
The nearest McDonalds is about 40 miles away, Wal-Mart - 85 miles, mall - 130ish, hospital - 25 (who wants to go there anyway?)
Not a lot of fancy stores or restraunts (that's a pro - it saves a lot of money)
There's a Dairy Queen!
Everything you really need is just 10 min. away
In a small town, people are pretty friendly
In a small town, people also gossip a lot
Ten years ago it got down to 60 below!
It rarely hits 90 degrees in the summer
We have a casino (no, that's not a pro!) and some bars
If you have a major prayer request, all the churches will pray for you
You almost always see someone you know up town to visit with (seriously, Mom and Dad know everyone!)
According to Isaac, there's way too many people around here
We have 2 stoplights in town (Dad still forgets about them sometimes)
You don't have to get permission to cut down a tree in your yard
No hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanos, or earthquakes
You can leave your vehicles and your home unlocked
People are pretty good about sharing garden produce
If you hear an ambulance, you may know the person it's going for
The state government forgets that anyone lives up here
Long way to a major airport (we do have one though)
There's jobs, but not a lot of choice
Not a lot of places to "hang out" or stuff to do - according to some teenagers
Minnesota is supposed to be the funniest state (maybe it's the Ole and Lena jokes...)
We live here:)

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  1. LOL, this is such a cute idea!!! Good job Naomi. ;) I miss you all!!


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