Friday, August 8, 2008

Mystery Vacation!

Last September we planned a two day "mystery vacation" for the kids. They knew we were going somewhere but didn't know where. We visited the Mennonite Museum in Steinbach, went to the Mint (where they make the Canadian money) and Zoo in Winnipeg, and went to a corn maze. The kids loved the surprise of wondering where we were going next and we loved planning it.

Anyway, Arthur told me to plan another "mystery vacation" for early September. We're looking at 1-3 days, and within about a five hour radius of Warroad. Any ideas? Are there any places you've been that were a lot of fun or educational? Any great places you loved to stay or eat out? If you have I'd love the input! Either give me a call, an email, or leave a comment which you can even do anonymously! If there's any glitch, we don't want to spend a lot, although we're open to any ideas.

The repair man fixed the bulk tank this morning! Thanks for praying!!


  1. Yes Thunder Bay Ontario. There you will be able to learn alot and do alot, The trip there you will takin the lake superior drive and see waterfalls and the light house and many buetiful colors that are there in this time of year,taking a small jont west of there you will see Kakabwcka Falls,ostoding,while in thunder bay you can visit the fur trading post which will take you back in time?if open in september,the wild life zoo in chipawa park is very good, Take a trip to the flowerpark where they have canon's and a big bell. also the sail boat park,take a ride to the top of the biggist hill around there and see the city from a lookout platform,then travel to the northeast of town and see the Terry Fox monument then drive on east to the gorg and if intersted go mining for amenaseth mines. Hope you have a great vacation no matter where it be.

  2. Hey, thanks for the idea! I was up there as a kid and always have wanted to take my family there. I still have some of the amathyst I got there, also have a few relatives in the area. We'll see!!


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