Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Painting at Last!

At last we're painting the living room! After trying four different shades of paint, I finally got a color I felt I could live with. I'm sure the hardware store is tired of adding more color to my cans!! Anyway, it's a light cream color originally called "lemon pearl" but that was before they added more and more different colors to it. Right now Naomi has taken over so I could write this entry. Actually, she's done a lot of it while I've been doing the taping and painting around windows and woodwork. I think it will look really nice and it smells so clean. We've left the china cabinet corner until the guys come in to move it. I have always wanted to paint verses around the top of the room and so maybe I'll try it while I still have paint out to cover it up if it doesn't look good.

This morning everyone except Isaac and myself weeded petunias. The guys are out baling hay trying to get as much done as possible before they leave tomorrow. Every year a couple of the church men take the teen guys out for a few days camping up by Rainy Lake. They invite guys in the community but very few of them ever come. I think there's about 15 going this year and they leave tomorrow early afternoon. They canoe out from a landing dock and rough it for about three days, play wild, swim, fish, and listen to lots of good preaching. Over the years a number of guys have gotten saved which makes it all worth it. They could use another man leader if anyone wants to volunteer!! Give Arthur a call. For the girls and I left at home it's kinda like a vacation!

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  1. Hooray! I was at a friend's house, and she has a verse around her entry ceiling. I think it was with wood and an awl though. Her husband would like to do it throughout the whole house.


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