Saturday, August 2, 2008

We Love Camp Good News!

We just got back yesterday afternoon from a great week of Camp Good News - it was held at Galilee Bible Camp in Lake Bronson, MN and we had around 40 campers. All of us went except Mom, Dad, and Silas. Isaac, Miriam, Hosanna, and I (Naomi) were counselors, Priscilla was a camper, and Amos and Rebekah were "Verse Listeners"/adult staff. There were more boys than girls and less guy counselors, so Isaac ended up having 13 boys in his cabin! During the day the campers are split into six teams with two counselors on each team and they get points for saying verses and a few other things. Isaac and Hosanna were in charge of one of the teams and they had the most points all week, so they were pretty happy about that!

This is a picture of Hosanna telling the missionary story about Amy Charmichael(a different counselor told it each day)- she did a great job! The theme for the week was Creation and in morning chapel we watched a DVD about creation by Ken Ham, we sang songs like "Dinosaur Days" and "The 12 days of Creation" (ok - 7 days...), and had some good creation object lessons. Amos and Isaac helped with those and did some Bible lessons, Miriam did a missionary story, and I taught a couple verses. We also learned the books of the New Testament with a key word for each one.

One of our favorite things about camp - canoes! In the afternoons, the campers can go boating (paddleboats and canoes) or swimming. We have 4 times a day where they have to work on memorizing verses and it can be quite a challenge to help and encourage them, especially if they have trouble memorizing, but when camp is done, that's something that will help them the rest of their lives. Priscilla tied for fourth place in Bible memory for the whole week. We also play a lot of games like Capture the Flag (the camper's favorite), Anti-I-over, Steal the Bacon, Link'em, ect., have FOB (flat on bunk - nap time - the counselors favorite time of day), and have contests to see who has the cleanest cabin - Priscilla really got into cleaning her cabin - Maybe we ought to try something like that around here!

It's the kids that really make camp interesting - this year we had three boys who were refugees from Africa from Muslim backrounds. They weren't exactly "well-behaved", so that was sort of a challenge - Hosanna ended up following one of them around almost all day everyday, just to keep him with the group! There were also 2 boys who came who heard about it through our Good News Tent at the fair last week. Anyway, at least 6 children got saved and overall it was one of the best weeks of camp we've ever had!

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