Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Wonderful Lord's Day!

Isaac, Miriam and Hosanna went picking blueberries for a couple of hours yesterday and came home with about two gallons. We ate some and bagged up the rest for freezing. They are so good!!

Yesterday Miriam also made up a bunch of trays of raspberry leather this time with coconut added for a little extra flavor. We love having jars of this to snack on in the winter when we play a round of Rook or something in the evening.

Today we went to church and for those not familiar with our church we have one long service with Sunday School in the middle of the service and so everyone participates in the same lesson together at the same time. Then we have dinner together with different families taking turns making the meal. It sounds hard but after you've done it a few times it really isn't all that bad cooking for 70-90 people. It's usually something easy like soup and sandwiches or even sandwiches and chips. After the meal we have our "evening service" about 1:00 p.m. or so. We call it our "gas saver services" because we have a few people that live far enough away they didn't like coming back for the evening services and yet they wanted to. It works for our church anyway.

This evening Arthur and I took a drive around and looked at the crops. The hay looks so good and the flax so pretty with its blue flowers. They started out so slow this year but with the long hot days they're catching up just fine. God is so good! I also took a few pictures of Miriam this afternoon with senior pictures in mind. I posted one on the side bar that I really liked.

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