Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall ...

It feels chilly out today so Arthur put on a quilted flannel shirt and hat to grind feed for the cows. He rolls and grinds corn, oats, mineral, and whatever else he has to throw in and the cows just love it.
The girls picked more tomatoes for me today and then we covered them because their forecasting a chance of frost tonight.
While eating a fresh apple, Miriam threw a couple cornstalks to the horses.
We also dug up the rest of the potatoes today. There's not a lot but we've been eating them for over a month now.

It's been a long day today. Our company left really early yesterday and we spent the day taking naps and going to church and to a nephew's birthday party. So today we tried to get back to normal - whatever that might be! The kids did some school and I spent quite awhile online making travel plans for a trip the young people in our church on going on. They're going to a youth conference and also taking time to go through the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum. That should be a real experience.

After doing our work in the garden I took a short walk and enjoyed seeing the leaves falling down. Some trees are almost bare already!! It still looks pretty green though. We have a few large oak trees and they were dropping lots of acorns. The old timers say if there's lots of acorns it means it's going to be a hard winter. We'll have to see.

Well, I guess that's it for today. We all miss our company - both the Pecks and the McCannes. It's so nice to know that there's brother and sisters in the Lord all around the country. The day may come where we really have to rely on each other like christians have in other times. So for now, have a great evening!


  1. We all miss you all too!!
    From the McCanne's

  2. Fall is a wonderful season, isn't it?!

    What a blessing to have harvested so many tomatoes and potatoes!

    A trip to the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum would be a wonderful experience! Our family would love to go there sometime . . . to see Biblical creation defended in such a manner would not only be educational, but rather encouraging!

  3. Wow, you all are in for a treat...the Creation Museum is AMAZING!!! It was one of the most interesting, well planned, well put together museums I've EVER visited, Christian OR secular!!! Prepare to be awed!! :)
    I miss you all!! Hope too see you soon.


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