Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gray Car - Episode 4

Hi from Naomi - for all of you that have lost sleep wondering about the fate of the gray car, (click on "gray car" label for the other episodes) we have accquired some information from a more direct source - though perhaps not more reliable! It seems that the owner/fugitive tried to give it to his sister, but it didn't pass the California environmental standards (I can't imagine why...) and so he left it with a friend who has a junk yard. The END. (we hope)
I went out to North Dakota yesterday and spent the night with a friend - we hadn't seen each other for a while and so we had a lot to catch up on. We looked at pictures, traded books, ate chocolate, but spent most of the time talking as fast as we could:)

Caleb - you left your hat and sweatshirt here - your family will have to come back and get them!
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  1. Yay, it's Naomi and Julie...two of my favorite "Warroadinians"...lol I miss you guys!!! :)


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