Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fire! The Grain Dryer's on Fire!

Last night after we had gone to bed there was a pounding on our front door. It was my niece telling us that our grain dryer was on fire! Arthur ran out quickly to check it out. My mother and father-in-law live just about in our back yard and we all farm together with them doing most of the crops and us the cattle. Anyway, it was my father-in-laws wheat that had been put in the grain dryer. They managed to get most of the wheat out but it has black stuff in it and really smells. I'm not sure if anyone will buy it now but if the prices go high like last winter, when the elevators were purchasing any wheat they could get their hands on, it might sell then. It's been an exciting week but we prefer not to have fires for excitement! Babies are much better!! It's hard too because as farmers you get all excited about your nice crop that has taken months to mature and then to have problems is quite a disappointment.
Gardening and canning is what keeps life normal around here! We made some zuchinni jam that has strawberry jello in it so that's why it's red. It also has pineapple in it. Yesterday we made some cranberry pecan jam. It is so good! It has pears, dried cranberries, and pecans in it. It also is a really pretty jam.

Today the guys are out cutting some more trees down where they're putting in a new fence and cutting some of it up for firewood. The cows seem to multiply when Amos and Isaac and Silas all want to build up their own herds so we need more pasture. The girls are making pies for a potluck at church tomorrow - peach and pear. Priscilla is "babysitting" Daniel and Rebekah :) for a short bit because Amos had to run to town.

I don't know about all of you but the older I get the longer my prayer list seems to get. If you have time, pray for a friend of a friend who's house was broken into and she got beat with a shovel and is in critical condition. Pray for my father-in-law who's shoulder got hurt last night when working with the grain. Pray for the people on the gulf coast who have a long haul ahead of them. Pray that tomorrow would be a day of rest and refreshing for God's people. Bye!

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