Monday, September 15, 2008

Harvest Party at Church

Hi from Naomi! We got to thinking that we don't have very many church things on here - we all love church, but we normally don't bring the camera along. Anyway, yesterday we had a harvest party and took some pictures. This is Daniel's first Sunday! The new Krahn family didn't come for the whole day, but they stopped in and gave everyone a chance to see the baby.

Our harvest parties are very informal - after the regular morning service (hymns, Scripture reading and prayer, children's lesson, sermon - this Sunday we also had a skit about Master's Clubs and had communion) we had a potluck and then people played games and visited - here some of the older kids are playing Foursquare, while the younger kids were playing kick ball. Later in the afternoon, almost everyone joined in on a game of frisbee.
We also had a hayride, and then a short campfire service - and some people even roasted marshmellows. This is Dad driving the tractor for our hayride - like his new hat?
We have a lot of kids in our church - and I might add, they're the cutest kids in the world!

We ended up using two trailors to have enough room for everyone who wanted to go on the hayride. At one point, the people on the back trailor ended up having to jump off and give a quick push! We did a little singing, and since everyone was dressed nice, and we were using hay instead of straw - we refrained from having a straw fight...We thank God for the great day He gave us!

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