Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting Ready for Company

Tomorrow evening, Rebekah's family and some friends are coming up from Illinois to see the new baby and spend some time on the farm - Us girls and mom have been busy cleaning, (Company is always a good excuse to actually clean some of those areas that needed it along time ago!) and the guys and some other workers have been working away on Dad's "projects-to-get-done-before-it-snows list"

I (Naomi) took this picture of some wild grapes - They're not very good to eat (in my opinion) because they're very sour, but I think they look cool:) We have quite a few of them growing all over in the woods close to our house.
Dad's taking Hosanna goose hunting tomorrow morning (to an undisclosed location...)and since she'd never shot a shotgun before, they thought she'd better try it before getting out there in the mud! Hosanna hit two out of the five clay pigeons - Wow!

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