Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Around the Farm...

Our chickens are kept in a dog kennel and so we move it around every couple of days on the far side of my garden where we don't mow. They are getting so big! That's one thing we'll have to do sometime this fall, butcher chickens.
Arthur and a couple neighbor guys are cleaning out an old grain bin today. It's not a job for the finicky as it really smells! When they're all done the plan is to put cement in the bottom, another thing to do sometime this fall.
I took a walk around the yard while waiting for some jars to finish up in the dishwasher. I'm going to can some more spaghetti sauce today. Anyway, the sunflowers in the garden are so pretty this time of year. I have a few sunflowers at the end of each row of vegetables.
We have a few apple trees and some of the branches are just loaded to the point where if they were Washington apples the branches would break.

The girls are pulling a few things out of the garden for me while Isaac and Silas are helping Amos do some sheet rock work in his upstairs. Have a great day and take some time to go out and enjoy God's creation!


  1. Your sunflower picture is so pretty!!! It's so sunny and cheerful... :) I like the apple picture too; they both have such a sense of summer in the country...what I really LOVE!!!

  2. Wow! Do you use all your apples, or do some go to waste?

  3. No, we don't let the apples go to waste. We make applesauce and dehydrate lots of them. Miriam is our "apple girl" and takes care of the apple harvesting. -Camille


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