Saturday, September 20, 2008

Harvesting Oats

The guys kept really busy today following Arthur who was combining oats. They baled quite a few trailers of straw and have a ways to go before the field is done.
Naomi and her friend jumped up on the hay trailer and took this neat photo from way up high on the bales.
Arthur combined the oats and Isaac drove grain truck for him. Most of the oats, if not all, we keep to feed the cows. The straw is used to "bed" the cows down so they stay clean.


  1. Oh, that looks like so much fun! Thank you for sharing the photos! :)

    What breed of cattle do you all have? What do you use them for?

  2. Hi! We have mostly holstein dairy cows with a few jersey and a variety of beef cows. We milk the dairy cows of course and raise the beef cows to sell. Each fall we sell the bull calves born the spring before and sometimes some of the heifer calves if the herd gets too big.


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