Thursday, September 4, 2008


For over a year now we've been keeping our kefir culture going. Amos took care of it till he got married and now Silas has taken over. We got the "mother" from some relatives of relatives. You put this culture stuff you can see in the picture into a gallon jar of milk and let it sit till the milk gets thick. We take the culture out and put it in a new jar and then the guys pour it into a blender and mix it with all kinds of stuff.
When finished you get a delicious healthy drink called kefir that is really like a drinkable yogurt. I don't handle milk too good so I haven't been drinking it but the kids tell me it really grows on you. It would be really interesting to find out how many different "good" bateria were in it. Of course having all the milk we can drink at our disposal makes it a good deal.

27 days till Rebekah is a first time mommy!

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