Friday, September 5, 2008

We See Petunias in Our Sleep!

Petunia weeding day! For those new to the blog, we plant and weed about one and a half miles of petunias for a business in town. The planting takes about 2 long days and then we weed one day a week for about four hours. By this time of year the kids are almost to the point of praying for it to freeze!! This is Silas and Isaac.
Don't Priscilla and Naomi look pretty in their yellow vests?!!
We have so much fun when people call for Arthur. Like today for example. I was home and someone called for him. I told the man, "he's out weeding petunias". He said, "Oh, that's nice." Wednesday nights Arthur does jail ministry and then we get to tell people he's in jail! So far they keep letting him out!

Not counting today, there are:

8 days till bow hunting season starts!
25 days till Amos is a daddy!
26 days till Arthur turns 43!(He won't mind if you pray for Rebekah to go one day overdue!)
64 days till rifle season!
72 Days till Isaac's birthday!
111 days till Christmas!

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