Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mystery Vacation 2008

We left early Monday morning heading to Fargo for our mystery vacation. The kids had no idea where we were going and we had given them only a couple of clues. On the way to Fargo we stopped at Lake Itasca State Park and enjoyed walking across the headwaters of the Mississippi. A man there from New Orleans was impressed. He said it was three miles across down there and to think you can walk across it here.

Along with walking some trails we went to the 100 foot tower and everyone carefully climbed to the top, except for me since someone had to take pictures!
Naomi figured she'd just walk on through instead of using the rocks. We spent a couple of hours here but decided you could easily spend a whole day. There's also gift shops, museum areas, picnic spots, bike and canoe rentals, and tons of trails

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  1. We just love Itasca State Park. We haven't been there with Laura yet. :(


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