Sunday, September 7, 2008

All About Miriam

In case you didn't know, Miriam's favorite:

Cookies - gingersnaps or chocolate chips

Piece of clothing - apron or gray skirt with the patch ironed on

Food - beet leaf soup

Least favorite food - cous cous

Ice cream - maple nut

Movie - The Printing, Flame in the Wind

Book - likes everything she reads

Pastimes - walking and reading

Bible story - Ehud

Hair style - one long braid

Fruit - raspberries

If Miriam could go anywhere in the world she said she'd - stay right here at home!

Miriam has also memorized the books of Proverbs, James, and John and is working on Psalms.

Miriam does ventriloquism with her girl "Rosa".

Miriam takes attendance at church.

Miriam hates to answer the phone.

Miriam has shot two deer with a rifle.

Miriam once had a horse that would give her a kiss and nod yes or no to questions.

We love you, Miriam!!!

(Brrr! As I post this early Monday morning about 6:00 am there's frost out side!! When you see the local weather it's always a little colder this time of year out here in the country because the town gets some lake effect keeping it warmer. It the spring it's the other way around. Isaac tells us that according to the wild animals it's going to be an early fall.)


  1. Dear Krahn family,
    I came across your site from Maidens of Worth and Merely Miriam, where your Miriam had left a comment to Miriam Rebekah Hart. What caught my eye about her comment is that my name is Miriam Rebekah too. It's not often that I meet people with my own name - I'm sure Miriam will understand the excitement when one does! :)

    So I checked your family's site, and about fell over backwards in my chair. You have a Hosanna?!? I've been saying for 6-7 years now that I want to grow up and have triplets - Anna, Susanna, and Hosanna. My family keeps telling me that there isn't anyone else named Hosanna in the whole world and that I shouldn't make up a name like that. Just wait 'till I tell 'em! ;-) Hosanna, what is your middle name?

    I am the oldest of seven kids, and we live in North Georgia. I graduated from homeschool high school in May, and am now pursueing a Bachelors in Nursing at North Georgia College and State University. I have been commuting 45 minutes each way everyday, since I could not bear to leave the little ones to stay on campus! I would like to be a L&D nurse, and depending how the Lord leads, I may Master in Midwifery. I write poetry for fun, as well as children's stories. (If you click on my name and go my site, a good bit of my poetry is on there, though I haven't had time to update it in a while!)

    My family and I are finishing up re-modeling our house...something that has been a family project since April 2007. (We bought a house that was a foreclosure in disarray and have transformed it by gutting it and starting over, as well as replacing the siding and stuff outside.) Daddy is a Civil Engineer, and Mama homeschools all the kids and everything you know is involved with that! The kids below me are: Benjamin (14), Lily (12), Sarah (10), Olivia (9), Melody (6) and Noah (3).

    Oh, and another thing I have in common with your Miriam... I am memorizing the book of Psalms as well; I started at the beginning of August and I'm on chapter 5. (A friend and I are keeping each other accountable to 6 verses a week.)

    I suppose this is a long enough comment, though. :) I'd better get back to studying for my exam in a couple of days!

    Love in Christ,
    Miriam Rebekah R.

  2. P.S. Oh, and I absolutely hate to answer the phone too!! :)

  3. Thanks Miriam for the nice comments! I left one on your blog and enjoyed reading your poems. Love, Miriam


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