Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Last Day Before School!

from Naomi - Last night at church we had a Share Night (where different people do things - things they don't normally do). All of the young people from church who did summer missions gave some kind of a report - 10 of us worked with Child Evangelism Fellowship and so we all went up together (yes - we did plan ahead to all wear our staff shirts!) and each of us told about some of the things that happened to us or about a child we got to work with. The church people really support us and pray for us, so I think (hope!) they all enjoyed hearing our stories.
Tomorrow is the first day of school and so, as tradition decrees, Mom weighed and measured us all this morning - and I mean all of us! She says as long as we live at home, until Priscilla graduates, the tradition will continue...Us girls refuse to have our weights put on the blog, but here's our "official" heights - Naomi, 5'2 1/4" Isaac 5'11" Miriam 5'5 1/2" Hosanna 5'4 1/2" (Miriam looks at least two inches taller than Zanna - figure that one out!) Silas 5'7 1/2" (After months of denial, Miriam had to admit that Silas is taller - after she saw this picture) Priscilla 5'1 1/2"

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