Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rock Pickin'

God has sure blessed us with beautiful weather this summer! Arthur got the kids out for another day of baling hay and rock picking in the field. Minnesota grows rocks! Anyway, Hosanna drove the tractor for Arthur to stack trailers with the hay. If you're wondering why we do square bales when most farmers only do rounds it's because we have a really old barn built about 85 years ago and the aisles aren't big enough for round bales so the dairy cows get squares while the beef cows get the round bales. We did bale some small round ones that should work in our barn but squares seem to work the best. We also have a number of people that like to buy square bales from us for their horses.
Isaac and Miriam, Silas and Priscilla followed the hay trailer and picked up rocks.
If the kids got behind, Hosanna would stop and Arthur would help pick for a bit. They even got me out there for a wee bit while I took pictures. Have a great weekend serving the Lord!

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