Thursday, September 25, 2008

This and That...

The guys cut up a cow today to send home with Rebekah's parents. The girls helped wrap and label things and it went really fast with all the help and there were no cuts either!
The younger guys are really having fun with soft air guns! When the older guys and dads were cutting up meat the younger guys so badly wanted more players they tried to talk me (mom) into playing! What a joke!! I'm not sure who wins but they seem proud to show us their welts!!
Is'nt baby Daniel just adorable!! I was thrilled to get him "smiling" whether he knows that's what he was doing or not.

The guys and girls also had a "shoot-out" today with clay pigeons and my overgrown zuchinni that explode when they get hit. The mom of the kids here this week worked on sewing a costume from the 1840's for a living history museum they work at. So everyone was busy and had an enjoyable day. I'm so thankful for the good friends God has blessed us with! We look forward to having a time of worship as a group this evening after we have a game time. Have a great evening serving the Lord!

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  1. Yes, that grandson of ours is very cute!!:)


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