Saturday, October 11, 2008

Green Tomato Salsa...

I tried something today I've never made - green tomato salsa. I thought it would be a great way to use up some green tomatoes because once their picked they tend to get bad a lot faster. (we had to pick them early because of the frost) Anyway, since Miriam and Hosanna weren't around Silas and I cut up the peppers and onions and had a good cry over it!! It was really pretty because I used red peppers but once it was cooked it kinda lost its nice color. Oh well, it tastes really good and it's hot!

We also made a small batch of caramel apple jam. It is really, really, good but I must've not cooked the apples long enough or cut them too big because they all floated to the top. I think it would be good on ice cream.

Back to the salsa - I needed some cumin so Arthur "borrowed" some from Rebekah. (hope you don't mind, Rebekah, seeing as you're not home!) I looked up cumin in the Bible (Matthew 23:23) and it was one of the things the Scribes and Pharisees tithed. Jesus reminded them that while they tithed, they neglected to do the "weightier matters of the law", which were judgement, mercy and faith. What a good reminder to not just do the "showy" easy things for God, but to do the harder things that He wants us to do even if no one sees those things. I don't know about you but it is easier to live for God and even talk of God when with others than it is by oneself.

I had a call yesterday from a good friend that lives a ways away and she commented about all the canning we do. (I enjoyed our short visit, TG!) She didn't ask, but I know there are those that wonder why anyone would go through all that work when you can buy all that stuff in the stores. I've explained this to my girls lots of times. Yes, we could buy it in the store but there's a few reasons we don't (unless we run out).
One, I like knowing what's in my food and how it was processed and by who.
Two, most things are healthier. (we have an organic garden!)
Three, it saves money. No, it doesn't save time but it does save money. My 'time' really isn't worth a whole lot when you consider I am not making money anyway. I don't have a lot of money in our grocery budget so it's one way to cut a few corners and by doing that, help Arthur not to work any harder than he already does.
Four, it's great exercise. If you've gardened, you know what I mean.
Five, I want my girls to know how. I don't know where they'll end up or what kind of lives they'll lead, but they might need to know how.
Six, and last, Arthur loves it when I can and I try my hardest to please him.

I'm sure there's other reasons, like, it kinda gets in your blood, and it looks nice in the pantry, etc! But for now, I guess that's why we do it. And no, I don't look down on anyone for not canning either. I've told the girls that when their gone - I'm done! At this stage it life its an easy thing for us to do with no other things demanding our time. Besides, where on earth can you buy caramel apple jam!!

Have a great day!


  1. You should pass on your recipe for Caramel Apple Jam!!! It sounds soooo yummy...and we have TONS of apples around here!!!

  2. I sounds yummy. We don't have lots of apples though. :)

  3. If you go online there's two common caramel apple jam recipes. I made the normal one but I plan on trying the crockpot version to compare them. I think that one sounds even better.


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