Friday, October 10, 2008

Library Favorites...

After looking at the new things for our church library, I'd have to say these are my favorites. The Jungle Doctor missionary story books by Paul White are really good for 8-14 year olds. This is the man that wrote the "Safe as Poison" story and "The Great Wall" which our family has told countless times over the year as a visualized children's story. I guess it's no wonder we like the books. The church kids will like them too. Also got a couple of the Ester Reid books which Naomi and the girls really like.

The "Smuggler's Ransom" video isn't the very best I've seen and and it's too short (50 minutes, which for this movie you could easily watch it if it was much longer). It was still good never-the-less, and since videos clean enough for our church library are hard to come by, we'll keep this one. It is very suspensful and presents the gospel in it somewhat clear. I don't think really young children would probably want to see it because of the suspense and there's lots of gun scenes.

If anyone ever has a "squeaky clean" book or video they think would be worth checking out for our church library please let me know. We basically want things without dating, dancing, bad music, or heavy romance scenes. We do want ones where the children are good, the men spiritual leaders of their families, godly wives, and with good doctrine.

Well, the kids left this morning at 3 am. They should be there right about now. So the house has been quiet and even Priscilla has been engrossed in a book so she's quiet as well. We didn't get snow, thankfully. With a little extra time on my hands today I changed the look of the blog. I'm one of these people that like to change things quite frequently. Not in a "discontented" type way but in a "different look" sorta way!

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  1. WOW, I was so surprised when your blog came up!! It looks so different!! :) Nice job tho.

    Say, do you have any advise for me? I've recently been asked to be the head of our church library small problem: we don't HAVE a library!! Basically I, and several other ladies working with me, are in charge of setting up a library. Since I've never really done anything like this, I'd LOVE some tips, advise, or anything you've learned while you've been working with YOUR church library. :) Thanks!!!


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