Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy 43rd Birthday, Arthur!!

Happy Birthday, Arthur! (Isn't he handsome!!) We thought we'd take today to share everything you'd like to know about Arthur.

Favorite meal - Meat, potatoes, whole wheat bread
Hymn - Like a River Glorious or My Jesus I Love Thee
Cookie - anything non-sweet and healthy tasting
Store - Fleet Farm
Grandchild - Daniel!!
Hat - one in picture
Farm jobs - calving and doing hay in July
Ice cream - Maple Nut
Tractor - Super H International from Grandpa Landin - it purrs like a kitten
or the 30-20 John Deere
Thing to do in free time - Any kind of hunting especially goose hunting
or helping farmers with calving problems
Thing to do with family - sit around and visit
Things you might not know about Arthur -
Played Saxaphone in high school
Was an extra in two movies
Went to Israel in college
Never ever loses his temper!
Is the best husband a wife could have!
Is the best dad a kid could have!
Loves working on the farm with teens and playing with little kids
Has a college major in evangelism
Loves to give out tracts
Advice to blog readers - Be diligent and live for God. Do whatever God has for you to do and do it with zeal.

We love you, Daddy!!
Today is also an important day for Isaac. He's decided to be a trapper this fall and today he got his first brush wolf or cyote of the season. (he's gotten them before but now he's an "offical" trapper) I guess what makes it more "official" than before is that he's always tanned them before but now he's trapping to sell them.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Uncle Arthur!!!! I hope you have a day as GREAT as YOU!!! :)

    We love you!!


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