Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Smells of Fall...

Yesterday I made a large pot of vegetable soup (borscht) for supper. This morning I put it on the stove and all day whenever someone's hungry, they help themselves to a mug full. It smells really good! Naomi made some bread to go with it and that smelled really good too.
Miriam, Silas and Priscilla dug 15 gallons of carrots for me. I gave five gallons away and then the girls and I cut up the rest, minus a few big ones I'm putting away in the fridge. The carrots smell like dirt, at least till we washed them.
When I first got married a lady shared with me how she washed her carrots in the washing machine and I've been doing it ever since. We put in one five gallon bucket, fill it with water, no soap, and let it agitate till they look clean and let the water out. It works prettty slick and saves tons of time. No, the carrots aren't really big but that's okay.
Arthur has been chopping corn for the silage pile while Isaac unloads the silage on the pile. They started about 8:00 this morning and plan to work till really late or it rains too hard. It smells like fresh corn, at least right now. Aged silage smells, well, it smells awful in my opinion but the cows just love it.
Here's a close up of the silage. They chop up the entire stalks including the corn cobs. Then it's covered with plastic and lots of tires to hold the plastic down. After a time it "ferments", kinda like, and the cows get fat and its really good for them.

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