Thursday, October 9, 2008


I couldn't believe it when I just looked at the forcast and they say there's a chance of snow on Friday! Hopefully they're wrong but it sure is cold out today. It's been a busy day with everyone going here and there. In-between times the kids are getting ready to go on a trip down to Illinois to a youth conference and are planning on taking an extra day to hit the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum. We made a huge batch of Monster Cookies to send with the group. If you think of it, pray for their safety and that their hearts will be challenged by the preaching.

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  1. NO!!! It can't snow YET!!! :) I'm still not ready for it to be FALL, much less WINTER!! Daniel's out combining beans right now too...>sigh< I guess I'll just have to face it: SUMMER'S OVER!!


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