Monday, November 17, 2008

Great Weekend...

We had a great time this weekend. The Mikesh family with Dad, Mom, and their six adopted children came on Saturday and left Sunday afternoon. It's been awhile since we've had younger children in the house and we decided that we're going to go into stealing babies!! They are so cute!! (Just kidding of course!) Miriam took so many cute pictures we just decided to go ahead and do a slide show.

This family is on deputation to do mission work with the Native Americans in Ontario right across the border from us. This is the exact area that my grandparents worked with the Native Americans years ago. It's a hard ministry but if anyone can reach these people, it will be the Mikesh family. Remember when Isaac went to a camp up there this summer, well, this is where Isaac met their family and so they came to visit. He also preached on Sunday in church and had a really good message about salvation and how it's all about the cross. He also showed a really neat way to present the gospel using an illustration. He encouraged us to never give up praying and working with people to get saved using the thief on the cross that believed as an example.

Isaac had a good birthday. We mostly celebrated it Saturday night and invited some cousins over to enjoy it with us. This morning Arthur and Isaac are out hunting while the others are doing school work. Have a great day!

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