Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hosanna Gets Her Deer...

God blessed Hosanna today with a nice 7 point buck, not counting it's broken brow tines. It was about 8 a.m. and they were getting ready to leave the field and head home for breakfast when Hosanna saw the deer about 75 yards off. She shot it, and even without a blood trail they found it less than 30 yards away.
Here's our whole hunting crew minus Amos, who stayed back to milk the cows this morning. We hang the deer in trees until season is over when they take them in to register them. It's not a problem this year seeing as it's freezing! This time of year you see a lot of deer hanging from trees!
Hosanna decided she'd gut the deer herself and so Miriam decided she'd better take a picture of this moment that might never happen again. While this was her first buck it is the third deer she's gotten since she started hunting. By the way, in Minnesota, our family could get a total of 35 deer! No, we don't want that many!!

"As the hart panteth after the water brooks,
so panteth my soul after thee, O God." Ps. 42:1


  1. Way to go Hosanna!!! I don't think I would be up for gutting a deer tho...chickens are about my limit. :) BTW, is that Naomi all bundled up with only her eyes showing??!! :)

  2. Yes, it is Naomi - either she thought she looked bad and wanted to cover up, or she was really cold!


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