Monday, November 10, 2008

Tanning Hides...

In our barn, where there's no cows at least right now, Isaac has three cow hides hanging that he's tanning. I haven't been out to see them and so I was shocked when I saw this picture Miriam took. Their so big! Wonder what he'll do with them when he's done? I'm not sure I want them decorating my walls or floors!!

Today Amos shot a nice doe so between our two families, that's four down and six to go. It's a lot nicer out today with no wind even though the temperature is still below freezing. With everyone out hunting except for Miriam, Priscilla, and I, we painted the hall stairs. Actually I did the cleaning and Miriam did the painting. They look much better. Well, have a great day!


  1. The Jeffery guys want to know how your hides are coming along.

  2. Greetings in Jesus name! I have so enjoyed your site. Our children loved your farm photos. Before we lived in the Philippines we used to farm and very much miss it. God bless your heart for your home.


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