Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 ...

We woke up yesterday to a nice dusting of snow (maybe an inch). What we had previously had melted. Anyway, Arthur's dad took advantage of the free morning before the big feast to bale some flax straw. Normally we square bale it and sell it for banking around houses and septic systems but most everyone has theirs by now so he just round baled it to get it off the field. Otherwise we'd have to burn it off in the spring.
We went over to Arthur's parents for noon dinner. When the meal was done the games came out and everyone enjoyed Balderdash, fast scrabble, and others I have no idea what they're called!
We don't fit around the kitchen table so Grandma Krahn sets her garage up as a dinning room so we can all eat together. We start by hearing a passage of scripture and then sing a few songs together before we dig in to the fantastic meal Mom K. made. It included all the traditional Thanksgiving foods including fresh lefse made the day before.
We took a nice four generation picture. Baby - Daniel Arthur, dad - Amos Arthur, grandpa - Arthur Everett, great-grandpa - Gerald Arthur. Would you believe this line of "Arthurs" started with my grandpa, Arthur Ortmann!
We had a very nice Thanksgiving and wish you all could've been here! God is sure good.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! :) I LOVE your new family picture as well...very cute!!! :) Love you all!!

  2. I love four-generation pictures; we have several with our children. I was one of a lucky breed that managed to get a five-generation picture when I was 4 or 5 years old. :)

  3. That picture of all the men is really cute. We are going to do a four generation picture with the baby in July. I am glad you had such a wonderful thanksgiving!!


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